A Business Technologist

WHo is Aaron G Riggs ???
  •  Idea builder
  • Technology facilitator
  • Business strategist
  • Team builder and leader
  • Project and process manager


The title is irrelevant, I like to keep things light hearted and fun to increase productivity.

Progress can be made with better results when everyone is happy.

Getting technology to mesh with your business model can be frustrating. 

Businesses have to accept the fact that most technologist have not been trained in business, and business leaders are paid to know business and USE technology.

The communication gap between management and tech is a problem in business organizations of every size. The comic strip Dilbert is a perfect example of this communication gap taken to the extreme.

Business technologists can bridge that gap between business and technology.

Communications experts in both the technical and personal sense.

Business technologists understand business AND technology, and more importantly how your business can two fit together to increase productivity and results to take YOUR business to the next level.

A chameleon of sorts, fitting in with the executive directors, good with teams of people, and comfortable talking "shop" with developers.

All stages of development and business management are most effective when strategies and technology are aligned.

Ideas get to production and market quickly with clear communication between business and technology departments.

Align your Business Activities with your Vision

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