Digital Business Portal

Welcome to the digital business portal of Aaron "G." Riggs.

Where Cyberspace meets Reality. Simple straight forward information for your digital business proliferation, and personal growth and stability. Where mindset, methodology, and motivation internet with technology, techniques, and training.

For me, digital business is more than websites, marketing, leads/lists, and social media. There is a deeper sense of freedom for the individual which is essential to my personal reason I started my first digital business.

When I started helping people get their digital business started, I notices the people who took their business further had the mindset to trudge through any difficulty they faced. I also realized a physical product or products can add a layer of depth to a website. This is why I incorporated both digital and physical product offers on my digital business portal.

More than just business and digital income, I felt a deeper purpose to share my personal experience and perspectives about Life and Health as it relates to a holistic digital business approach. You see, business and life ho hand in hand when you are your own boss. Taking care of your mental and physical well being is essential for the individual working from home.

Sure, I can put together a digital business and marketing platform for just about any product or "Niche", so why did I decide to put myself out there in the world of physical health and mindset, as well as digital business production? The answer to me is simple, they are all parts of the whole.

Life and business are intertwined in most everyones life, so why try to separate them? I say keep them aligned, to include every aspect of your individuality, personality, and mental/spiritual energy as a resource to advance your digital business.

Currently, I am developing a digital download and training for anyone interested in digital business. I plan to cover everything I learned over the last 15 years of my trials and errors, as well as reveal the simple actions which have provided RESULTS.

For now, I am available for hire for the following digital business services.

Website development and hosting.

Email management.

Marketing plans development and deployment

Lead page and list management

Email marketing campaigns

PPC, PPA, and display adds.

Increase static and dynamic back links

SEO strategy and implementation

Complete e-commerce solution

Membership and affiliate driven webs

Content and product development

Research and data analysis

Payment gateway set up

I look forward to building out more information pages, and downloadable guides, training, and multimedia content for your digital business growth.

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Digital Business Services

Running a digital business requires some simple systems and tools. Simple for someone who has been actively learning and applying knowledge about websites, social media, and business. These systems are easy enough to learn, and apply.

My goal here is to provide plenty of information for the entrepreneur, solopreneur, and business owner to go it alone or make an informed decision about professional services.

As you may have deduced, much of my digital business portal is automated. Many of the offers and products can be downloaded, or ordered online without me having to do much of anything.  Great for you, because there is no need to schedule my time, yet you can still access much of the information I use for my personal digital business portfolio.

This is not to say I do not take clients directly. I started my online digital business taking clients and building web-sties, establishing and implementing marketing and social media campaigns, as well as business consulting and set up.

For some useful information relating to getting started with your own digital business portal, access our membership options.

Mindset and Life Manifestation

With the mind, you have the power to impact the world!

Your journey within your mind precedes any actions one takes. These actions are the catalyst which manifests your intention within the immediate and universal environment. The concepts which direct your focus and energy are easily put into application. One just needs to learn, understand, and apply the simple construct of these powerful Life manifestation Concepts or "Rules".

It was one of my life goals to present these concepts to the world, and provide the opportunity for EVERYONE to learn and apply these POWERFUL Manifestation rules, and that goal is now happening. I spent over 1 year with to leaders in Mindset, Success, and Digital Business to develop a 16 part MULTIMEDIA course to get this message of mindset and life manifestation out into cyberspace.

This is just one part of my digital business model, yet has very little, if anything to do with digital business. The reason I dedicated an entire top level page, and section of my blog to the topic of MINDSET and Life Manifestation is that it has been a MAJOR part of HOW I got through the difficult times, and overcame my mental blockages to find success in digital business.

This information has been a LIFE CHANGER for me, and many other people. For me it has become a WAY OF LIFE. In fact, I rarely, if ever, work directly with people who do not adhere to, and practice these habits of success.

People who know and apply these habits and principals are easily identified. Focus, Action, and Results become second nature.

Progress in all areas of life and a fine tuning of your true self is a side effect of learning and applying techniques. Get your mind and actions to align your ultimate goals and desires.

Physical Health

The body is often ignored and neglected, causing the physical health of individuals do degrade. Maintaining optimal health helps with many areas of life and business. Energy, clear thinking, and overall health are some side effects of taking care of your body.

Digital business provides an opportunity to not only discover amazing new products to increase health, but also a way to generate additional online income by sharing information about great products.

The Health and Wellness "niche" is a great area for digital business people to get involved. This is also a key factor in my personal online income strategy.

Offering both digital information products, and physical products relating to the physical bodies health and wellness just makes sense. It shares with all of cyberspace my personal perspectives, and gives visitors the chance to give some of the great things I find to good use.

I mean what good is offering a bunch of advice about getting healthy, but not providing a way for YOU to access the same things I use. Just because I am involved in digital business is no reason for me to neglect the other facets of my being.

So simply put, My goal is to incorporate a holistic approach to my digital business portal, introducing myself as a person, as well as my perspectives on various real life topics.

I am accomplishing this and living the "American Dream" with dedication and focused attention. Hard work and actively learning and applying my skills.

Podcasting, Presentations, and Voice over

From a professional power point with narration, or a marketing skit to promote a new concept, I am ready to serve you the content you require. There is part of me, that is more of a comedian or entertainer. I truly enjoy influencing peoples mood for the better. This has inspired me throughout my life to develop a deeper expression of feeling within my written and verbal communication.

For this reason, I am compelled to share my personal stories, and to be involved in public speaking, podcasting, recording presentations and webinars, as well as putting my hat in the ring as a voice over and voice acting professional.

I have spoke in company settings, while training employees and traveling from office to office to present information about new policy. In 2016 I was involved in writing and recording a course for digital download as well as promotional videos. In 2015 I was involved in doing online podcast interviews with a independent digital pirate radio podcast.

This page and section of my digital business portal is dedicated to this aspect of my skill set. The goal is continuing to develop my public speaking and communication skills, while providing a way to review my existing works. You can also contact me directly if you need a voice actor or presentation recorded.