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Generating income and revenue from your website can be as simple as posting ads on on your posts and pages.

Advertisers are always looking for ways to get exposure to their online and digital Business web sties. Heck companies like Google have created HUGE incomes and revenue streams from charging businesses for listing their websites at the top of relevant index searches.

It is a simple enough model. Advertisers pay web site owners to display the link and some information about their company. The more visitors you have, the more revenue one can generate. There are many different ways to implement this.

You can look at sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and others that generate almost all their revenue from advertisers. From Paid post boosts, and Pay Per Click campaigns, advertisers are looking for people to pay to host their banners, text ads, and promotional graphics.

Heck, I even have some advertisers on my side bar on this and other blogs I operate. One of the Ad companies that pays me to publish ads on my site.

People set up accounts with companies like AMAZON, and other associate or affiliate programs to advertise through the product manufacturer or distributer directly, and earn commission on digital and physical products delivered to the consumer directly.

Many company use strategies, similar to many social media sites, where users generate new and fresh content, so users can view and create content. This is a great way to serve ads on fresh new content, which users and search engines love.

I would love to go into great detail about all this, but this is introductory article. More detail and articles about this topic will be coming soon.

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