Along a path I call my own

Ever since I was young, not that I can remember my first step, or every step along the way, I am sure I took each and every step. That is how I got where I am today.

There was a pulling from ahead that told me, from where you are, you just need to take one.

They were pulling from all directions, some saying, come here, others saying go there, but the step I had to take was one.


Zoom in on the Face of the Sky figure.
Sky Figure

My direction, they did not know, or care to know, for I knew I could only take but one step. That step always leads to where I am.

Some push me, from behind, coaxing me, beseeching me, trying to force their will on me to take my step faster, or this way or that. That they would control where my foot lie. So I take MY step, just one to where I go.

There are some, who wait by my path, sharing that moment where I would be, only if I take that one step towards them, and I take my step from where I was.

Some stand by where I was, and I walk to where I am. I might retrace that step, but neer will it be taken again, and I move forward, on my path, that I might get here or there, or somewhere that I am not, and I move forward to where I am.

There have been some that took their steps along side of mine, to whom I am eternally grateful. There will be those who’s steps align with mine, so that we might share a few moments, either now or then, and I align with myself, in the here now, and I know, Just one more step and I will be there, and there I am.

And there is you, who is walking with me now, where you are, where you are going, the moment we are sharing is infinite, just as all our journeys must be, and the force that is where I am silently whispers to me, just one more step.

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