The Bullshit I have seen

Oh, the bull shit I have seen, in the places I have been, this stuff, the things, the actions of those,
who walk in the daylight to show off their clothes.

They hide their true self, showing what they think, that others might like
What will get them ahead,  but you know in the end we all end up dead.

Then what of our lives, the things we have seen,
The things that we do and the things whom we've been...

Then there is the Good Shit, Yah, there is that kind of shit too

And much of it depends on what YOU will do...
That in the world shit happens, that statement holds true.

Get plunged into the water, and it will show you.
If you sink or you swim, that part will show through.
You see it's not the shit that happens, it is the shit that you do.

Now consider your future, the shit you will see,
Then take a quick second and repeat after me.

Weather good shit or bad shit,
I know shit will be,
But how I see it, and my actions,
that's My choice, I'm Free.

Another spewing of words from Aaron....
Thanks for being super critical and criticizing What I have obviously wasted my time and yours by putting on to the vastness of the inter-webs...

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