Moments in Eternity

A moment in eternity,

Or should I say Eternity in a moment, This moment to be exact.

Consider this, everything that you were,  is held in this moment that you are.

Are you considering this...

Now consider everything that you are, obviously is within this moment we call now....

But to break free from the constraints of "Regular reality", and to move into the "Real Reality", requires that you also consider that everything that you will be exists also in this moment we call now.

Every projection, every hope, every dream, every plan for the future, is always, and inescapably in the now. Even through the consideration of an apex, or intersection of sorts. At a time in the future when an even might happen, say your birthday, or new years eve. Even at an event 10 years in the future, this moment encapsulates them eternally.

That the moment in the future has not come to pass yet, this is of no consequence.  For when that future comes, those experiences, all experiences will exist both momentarily and eternally.

From past projections that have long been forgotten, to future dreams which might never come to pass, those too are held within this momentary glimpse of eternity, we call a moment.

Every thought that was, is, or will be formed comes from and goes to this moment. This moment is eternal.

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