What controls you?

This morning was not much different than any other morning.

I awoke to dawns first rays of sunshine. Acknowledging myself, I noticed the same aches and pains I experience nearly every morning.

As I slowly began to move my body, and stretch out the stiffness, I started thinking about what controls me. I had to accept this sensation, at this moment, but it got me thinking also about what I can control.

My thoughts, my emotional feelings, my physical feelings, the things I listen to and look at, and other things too, all have some influence on me. So I focused on the pain, and rolled out of bed to do some stretching.

The physical pain, at this moment, seems unlike mental or emotional stressors, which through mindset exercises I have trained myself to overcome. The control I might feel over my financial, social, or other external forces through practicing activities which improve the conditions I experience.

Thinking back to a time when I had less physical pain than I do in this moment, and I began to recognize, I have control over my mind, and body. I had been so focused on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my self, in that moment, I realized I may have neglected my physical self.

I have been able to turn mental, emotional, and spiritual "pain" into growth through conscious effort. I have had to deal with some major stuff in my life. Sure, raised by a single mom, trouble in school, and a laundry list of other things I have overcome to make me stronger on the inside. But when I lost my 8 year old son to cancer, I really had to step up my positive mindset game.  And yah, when I first injured my back at work, I had to turn my life around mentally in order to make it socially and economically.

As I was laying there, eyes closed, thinking about things, and stretching my body, it struck me. If I had done all this healing and growth in my mind and spirit, I should be able to take care of this pain in my body. In my thoughts I went back to the time I had very little, if any physical pain, and realized something. During the time I had little or no physical pain, I was physically active.

Since my spine injury, I had been taking it easy, doing physical stuff sure, but in a very limited way.  Basically being hyper aware of anything that caused discomfort or pain would be a signal for me to stop. So I ended up being quite sedentary over the past years. So I went inside my mind and body and realized, the muscles and bones I was stretching had basically gone to sleep.

Yes, just like your mind or spirit. If you do not use them, they will go to sleep. I need to wake my body up, I thought in my brain. I felt it in my spirit too. I had spent a lot of time to wake up my mind and spirit, now I need to spend some time working on my body.

Becoming aware that I had control over much of my body. I can choose what to feed myself with. I can choose to ensure I get enough sleep. I can choose to practice and exercise those parts of my body that are asleep. I can get up and move those parts that I have not been moving due to past injuries.

Sure it might be slow going at first, but as long as I use the same habit forming techniques I used to wake up my mind and soul, I am confident I will wake up my physical being.

So I get out of bed, get my day started, and actually spent about 15-20 minutes moving my body. Awakening muscles, joints, and bones that have been guarded for so long. Being aware of the positive energy flowing through my being, healing and growing those sore and pain filled regions.

Now I have control, at least a bit. Being aware of this pain, and not just accepting it, but embracing it. Now that I have embraced this part of my physical self, I become aware of how I can improve my situation. Just by taking the step today, and then when tomorrow becomes today, to take that step today.

I am in control of my mind, body, and soul.

To think I was afraid of moving, and sure there was valid reason, so I take it slow, moving a little, then a little more.... Building confidence by facing my fear with courage. Sure I am taking this concept a different way by sharing how my physical condition caused me fear, and now I know I must face that fear and awaken my temporal body.

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