What matters to the heart?

The heart, the soul, the condition of consciousness...

What is the at the core of existing, the essence of being?

Is your identity in your mind? In your spirit or soul? In your heart and emotions?

Where is that place that you keep that thing you call self?

What is that self made up of?

Your thoughts surely help you understand the world around you.

Is this where your preferences are developed?
Is your mind in control of if you like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, or is your preference in ice cream part of your soul?
What does your heart say about this Neapolitan dilemma?

What say you when your soul longs for adventure? Is it really your soul doing the longing? How do matters of the mind and heart play into your desire to set your spirit free and see the places you hope to see during your experience of life?

When your heart yearns for the time and place to express your feelings, does not the mind and spirit, your conscious essence, also yearn for expression?

To keep these things separated, from my perspective, is to deny a part of yourself.

To conceive that one would act without the other, seems to me to go against all that is the essence of being.

That people try to align one without the other, would you expect things to work out for them? That one part of them goes toward something, while another goes against that same thing. Does that make any sense at all?

Yet I have seen people do that very thing, to split their interests in their best interest, and move without an alignment of these things. That they move and make no progress is not a suppress to me. That one hand builds while the other destroys without a perspective of the each-other, and nothing is accomplished.

When I see someone who has aligned their heart, mind, spirit, soul, and their entire consciousness with that thing which they call myself...
That is when I see a someone move through the world with no opposition. Where the entire universe brings every element necessary for the intention and effort of that individual to move forward in every moment....

This is the perspective I hope you see now.

Words channeled through the keyboard of "Patrick"
Via the fingers of Anonymous Griggs.

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