Words for a day

What is a day?
24 hours? there are 7 of them in a week, right?

1440 minutes, and what can you get done in a minute?

Have you ever thought about what you can do in just one simple simple minute?

Or how many of one thing you can do in a minute?

Well I will find out now...

20 pushups took me 30 seconds, wow, I am winded... I should take a bit of time to do some pushups... Then writing about it took a few more seconds.

Now let me see how many words I can write in 1 minutes.
Sure I have to take some time in between writing to think about it,

And I might have to edit and delete some spaces and words that are not right,

but heck I am writing this right now, then when the timer goes off, I will see how many words I actually wrote in 1 minute.
What if I did this writing./// timer /// in about 1 minute, and edited and copied to get a word count, in another minute, and wrote about it.   and figured I can write 75 words per minute... WOW.

Ok at that rate, If I write for 10 minutes straight I would have about 750 words, and in 2 hours, I would have 7500 or so, with a break...

Kind of makes you think don't it...

One of the tricks I use for productivity is to set a 5 minute  minute timer, and stay focused on one task, such as writing a blog post.
It really suprises me how much I can get done in a short 5 minutes.

You should try it sometime...
What if I set aside 2 hours a day to type out a book... I would have something ready in a few months... OMG. that is my 5 minutes.

86400 second

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