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Someone asked me what I do online, and the simple answer is that I develop digital businesses, It may seem simple from the outside, but to be honest, digital business has a lot of facets.

In todays world of  specialization, knowing how each part fits into a digital business requires a bit more diversification. The ability to integrate multiple sides of a digital business is a specialty, that requires knowledge of many different specialties.

Online business is not just about having a website. There is marketing, social media, sales funnels, blogs, technical, design, products, advertising, SEO, compliance, hosting, platforms,  and so much more. One needs to have access to a great deal of information, and know how each specialty of knowledge fits with the others.

What I really do is take this vast library of information, and put together strategies, and plans for action based on the needs of each business. Some companies need help on social marketing, others on product development. Some business managers want focused information for a specific need. Other individuals are looking to start up and operated website business.

An online business technologist  needs to learn, and integrate new ideas into the mix. They add each new piece into their tool box, so they can use it anytime. I started thinking about how much material I had studied, and actually have license to sell, and even give away.

Helping people with their digital business is my passion, so I decide to share my digital library. Many digital business owners, including myself, have used this exact information to develop successful online incomes.

If there are any topics you want to know about, just contact us and we will find something to fit your need. We have access to many more items similar to the ones added this week.

This weeks additions.

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