A message from cyberspace

A quick introduction to non-attendees:

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this communication.

The other night I was at the Empaths Unite event, something a bit unusual happened, at least from my perspective.

It seemed to me, before the event, that somehow it was important that I attend, even if I were to be over an hour late or more. My circumstances allowed me to appear during the last hour of the event.

The energy was positive, relaxed, and open, with a group of self-aware individuals. The night was comfortable, and the short session, which I was able to participate in, was positive.

After a guided group meditation, there was an open dialog between attendees, which allowed individuals to ask questions from each other. There was some open discussion about the Sirius gate being open, as well as some other astrological events in this week,

I was born, from what I can tell, on a date that seems nothing special, but it is during a time which astrologers call the Lions gate, or Sirius gate. I have always felt a connection to the infinite universe, and that I would be called to deliver a message, something that would be life changing, even World Changing.

If you were there, you might have noticed a particular energy, or feeling… It was even vocalized by the leader, that there was going to be some powerful, life changing occurrence, possibly even, well if you were there, you know exactly what was said, but I heard something like a space alien would arrive through the portal, and deliver a profound life impacting message or something like that… LOL…(I guess you had to be there…)

My whole life I have felt like an alien, a stranger in a strange land, with a message that must be shared, and that I would have to wait until I was called to share.

I feel I must respond to this calling and announce the opening of the minds eye, and share the unlimited power which accessing the lion’s gate allows.

Thank you for your time,


To the attendees and facilitators of the and any other “others”.

Your openness, intention for improvement, and desire to connect the heart to the other areas of life allows this message to be received. You provide a platform for the message to flow through the conduit of consciousness that we all are.

From the Heart of a LION (A Leo), born of the Sirius Gate (LIONS GATE), into a word different from any other than I have known. Where Self has been construed as a separate perspective, yet all individuals have this perspective. From this view, we create constructs with our language which creates varied and different aspects of the core “Self” I speak of.

The selflessness or selfishness considered within our intentions and actions are at the core of this letter. That I was selfish/or selfless at previous moments in my life is not unusual, we all are in fact acting on this consideration, that each one of us is a part of the unity of all.

So being selfless is in a way being selfish, sharing what you have to offer, to better the world you exist in, so that your environment will improve for your experience to improve.

And being selfish is selfless, in a way, for it shows the world what is within your heart and hope to experience. It shares your intention of how you hope to experience improvement.

All of this is an experience and expression of love. For all is manifest through love. There is nothing wrong with loving others; it shows how you love yourself. The same goes for loving self, it shows you how others desire to be shown love.

To your self you must be true, and each (other) self you experience must be true to his or her self. We are all self, and must respect that within others and ourselves. Each self must express their intention and feelings to other selves to connect. That connection is what brings many into a unified consciousness through communication.

We are all part of the whole and give of our selves to receive for ourselves.

The message is always evolving, as each self evolves to consider new perspectives of how the individual self integrates with the group self. I will continue to share from my perspective with the intent of communicating from where I am, or will be.

Thank you for providing a calling for me to step into my role as myself as a messenger of the message I have received. We all shall deliver our unique message.

With respect and appreciation, Aaron

The message part 1:

A NEW SELF through the LIONS GATE. (A message from the infinite)

The story begins….

This message I share is for all the souls traversing cyberspace and all other worlds, known or unknown.

Not from my mouth, but from a calling from the infinite to the written words on a page, so that it may be spoken by many individuals, from various perspectives, in many different languages, to the countless souls existing in consciousness. Paraphrased, and edited for context, the words will change, but the message is from, and will be from the eternal source connecting us all. Ever changing, yet never altering. Like your path of life, each step new and everlasting.

The source of all self’s exists, within each individual eye that sees, of which you are one. Your place and perspective is unique, yet each of us is the same in so many ways. Our minds have thoughts, logical and intuitive, drawing on the input from our senses.

Call it intuition, emotional empathy, sensory perspectives, your gut, a guide, soul, god, universe, conscious decision, free will or any other word you use to describe a knowing, or feeling that drives you to a decision to think from a particular perspective and then take action based on your accumulated experiences.

Separate and alone each of us are in our mind, we become an accumulation of all you have experienced, each individual unique. We can share these unique experiences through communicating. This is at the core of this message, to communicate.

Within the vastness of the world, the variety of individuals is astonishing, each having their own accumulated experiences.

We are all connected through eternal cosmic consciousness, and all our experiences are communicated directly to source, similar to how each cell in a body communicates with each other, and the body consciousness.

Accessing this higher-level communication with eternal consciousness is what each individual self consciousness is born to do. This higher consciousness communicates directly with each self, often through individual connections.

Polarity and unity

The light and the dark, the good and the bad, the group and the individual, the insider and the outsider, separate in unity.

That an individual can consider these words, and both keep separate and together both sides of the coin is how they will understand the deeper meaning of the words in this message.

An individual chooses to communicate with individuals and a higher consciousness that will help them evolve.

An evolved consciousness understands the connection of all consciousness and strives to elevate self. In doing so the self can elevate to the highest level of understanding the smallest connection.

So when the evolving consciousness seeks great things of discovery when accessing the highest consciousness, we find a simple truth. At the highest level of evolution of self, there is a realization, that the smallest connection becomes the most powerful self and community transformational element.

One realizes the greatest leaps and bounds of the higher-level self advancement is no greater than the smallest steps of anyone at any lower level of consciousness.

For this reason, I tell you to continue to connect to the highest consciousness you can, and at the same time, reach out from any lofty position you feel you have achieved and reach over to those who have had experiences much different than you. Reach out with the intention to improve not just yourself, those who fit the societal norms, but to those who the community might not understand.

This is a simple thing to do, by understanding that regardless of what level of consciousness you feel yourself has become, it is no greater than any other individual. To elevate the group, one must elevate every member to the highest levels.

This communication is a portion of the message that is delivered, and future communications will continue, on different stages, to evolve with modern language and different and varied communities.

End communication.

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