My MEME is Better than YOUR meme

What in the world is going on around here?

People spend their valuable time and energy to create memes. Some are distracting and seemingly meaningless. Other times the meme can be moving. Some are just click bait.

This make me wonder about the social dynamics of thought, and how that influences action. On the individual and within a group...

Funny presidential portrayals, or interesting graphics and words, but for what reason...

Often it is to relay ideas, or motivate an action. To spin a skew on perspective, to press a hot button, to incite contemplation.

Sometimes it is obvious why a meme was made, such as advertising, or political satire. Sometimes the reason is not perfectly clear, other than to gain attention and get a response, often just for fun.

The why can become clear when we investigate the source, sometimes. It might not always be why someone does something.

Which often leaves us asking, what does that meme mean?

What makes one meme better than another?

Why do any of us even care?

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