About Aaron G Riggs

Most people I know are a lot more than the combination of their parts.

The knowledge and skills, personality and insight, creativity, , mindset, education, experience, and resources does not define WHO someone is.

To me business is about the person.
The Project, Program, or Product is secondary to people.

It makes smart business to focus on people.

Business runs smoother, and consumers appreciate the attention on their individual needs.

Technology and business requires people to operate, and is designed by people. The resulting product or service is for PEOPLE. It takes People to buy and Sell products. Whatever I put my effort into is always focused on PEOPLE, it just seems to work better for business that way.

Experience in  Management, Telecommunications, Data Center Operations, Client Management, and many other positions in industry is only a glimpse at the problem solving and solution creating side of someone. There is often an intrinsic value of perspective, individuality, and emotional essence.

Experience in managing technical teams is just the tip of the iceberg.

Degrees and Certifications, Licenses or Security clearance can hardly define a lifelong student of Mindset and Personal Power. Practicing and studying Motivation and healing, Public Speaking and Coaching. Digital media, web properties, online traffic and customer conversion flows. Technology has not defined my purpose or intention here in cyberspace.

Building Businesses is about creating from a vision of Inspiration.

Savitar Griggs

It takes considerable thought and planning, but that is well worth creating a digital business with LONG TERM REVENUE, NO requirements for replacement, and minimal need for maintenance or repair.

Through moral behavior, and ethical business practices blended with creativity and technology, I would be confident in stating ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

With mental focus, emotional alignment, and diligent effort, the possible becomes probable.

With persistence, a supportive team or "Mastermind", checking your progress along the way, I might even bet whatever the problem may be, the solution is just a matter of progressing.

When we face life as fearlessly and open minded as a child, we can all have more fun, and productivity... and yes, this is one of my baby pictures.

Baby Griggs

Your Humble Helper.

Aaron G Riggs