What the heck is Proximity Marketing?

Basically proximity marketing gives companies the ability to send a message directly to consumers when they come close (within proximity).

Proximity marketing uses Bluetooth technology to deliver messages to individual’s cell phones that are near by. The marketing message goes directly to the prospective client, or customer when they are close by.


Marketers continually push the boundaries of technology to promote their message and product offers. With mainstream and Digital media and social connectivity or interactions, marketing is taking on a new look in the modern technological era. With Wi-Fi, wireless data, and Bluetooth technologies, people these days are more connected than ever.

We get updates about traffic and weather sent to our devices, social media accounts, and email profiles. Our favorite actors, movies, tv shows, and sports are streamed directly to our hand held devices. Our boss, children, friends, and favorite products are linked directly to people, via their cell phones.

People are looking for good deals on cutting edge products, and companies are looking for new innovative ways to show people about their amazing products, services, solutions, and specials!

This is where things are getting interesting; marketers are using technology to stream messages about special offers, discounts, and new products directly to users as they get into range of the actual retail outlets offering these deals. This is a great way to build a quality relationship with customers and bring in new sales too.

Welcome to proximity marketing.

Imagine being able to broadcast your marketing message every time a potential customer gets within 200 feet of your retail location. Would that help gain new customers?

Corporations, marketing departments, small business owners, and independent marketers are causing a ruckus about this new technology that lets them share their specials, discounts, and limited offers to foot traffic walking through a mall, grocery shoppers making choices about the products they want, or going through an event grounds.

The opportunities are truly endless with this technology. Imagine a book enthusiast walking through a book store, and getting a notification about a publishers new book. What about a mall shopper who gets a message about a 50% off Sale. Both the storefront and shopper benefit. This could be a Win-Win Situation.

Ok, so is this technology ethical, legal, and moral? Some people say it seems a bit like spam. There is currently no laws regulating Bluetooth messaging. As this technology matures, people and society will be able to form an opinion, but until then there is no legal, ethical or even moral standard.

Here is how some people see proximity marketing.

Some people LOVE their technology. They want every bell, whistle, advantage, and update available. If their Bluetooth device can save them on their regular shopping, or show them something new, they are all about that. So there is a portion of the population will be open and responsive to getting a message about what is available to them, that is what technology is all about, getting up to date, and at times exclusive information.

Some people are private, and do not want to have any messages sent to them, even if it is a 99% off coupon for their favorite item at the store. And these people will consider any advertising message offensive.

Ok, So what will become of BLUETOOTH Proximity marketing? That is hard to say, but there are some great opportunities to take advantage of this technology to get your message out to the public, and to reach responsive people, who are customers.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing Information


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Accessing and influencing the “Matrix” of life.

Accessing and Influencing the Matrix of Life.

When the opportunity to break the code first presented itself, I was taken back a second. The full implications of accessing the code that presents my reality to me was a bit overwhelming. Having access to the very system that generates the possibilities, synchronicities, and actual realities of my life just blew my mind. That is some powerful Shit.

I mean, really, having this ability to manifest change within my own life was scary at first. Seriously, being able to attract anything I needed, or wanted into my life kind of freaked me out. I am talking about EVERYTHING I wanted to attract became my reality. Everything was changing, and changing to my will!!!!

My housing situation, my money situation, anything I consciously set out to transform soon became my reality. I mean think about it, all of a sudden I was making things happen in my life. Attracting the fulfilled life that I had always wanted became second nature to me. It really took me by surprise how easy this manifestation process was.

Not only was it becoming easier and easier for me to bring bigger and bigger things into my own life, I began sharing the simple techniques of manifestation with my friends, and noticing they began creating their ideal lives right before my eyes. This was AMAZING to me. Not only could I use this seemingly supernatural power for myself, I was showing other people how to do the very same thing.

This process is transforming from concept into practice, taking theory into action. This protocol is instantly transforming dreams into reality, for myself and others.

The process is really simple, and the results speak for themselves. The part that is blowing people away, is that the changes are happening very quickly, sometimes instantly. Everything just seems to start clicking into place, and the world, the entire universe for that matter, begins to serve your best interest, as if you are programming the matrix of reality with your personal will.

I really want you to have access to the simple and power protocol, so I am putting it online, right here, FOR ONLY $1.99.

Now you may be doubting that such Powerful, transformational protocol is offered at such a reasonable price point, and that is intentional. You see, the protocol is easily presented to users online, there is no reason to increase the price point, other than greed.

I want as many people as possible to have access to this process, so we can, as a group, begin to manifest a positive transformation in the world we live in.

Also the process is so simple, that it would be a dis-service to the universe to put such a positive and powerful protocol out of reach for the masses, so the 1.99 price point will stick.

There is also a reason I have chosen this format to deliver the information. That is because the manifestation process is so simple. It really is a simple 1-2-3 process, and your every desire will become your reality. Keeping it simple and to the point will help more people implement the process.

There are a few key points that are essential to master in order to become proficient at manifesting your reality, and these points are revealed in the next part of this article. This protocol is a very simple and powerful process, that works, and is available to you now for only 1.99.

Remember,  %50 will be donated to charity. This is to basically put my money where my mouth is. You see, part of my motivation is to change the world for the better, by increasing abundance to even the least of our realm. With half of all the money I collect going to help the most needy in our world, this will increase the positive change on a much bigger scale than any one of us can do individually. Won't you join me in working within the matrix of existence to bring forward a complete and global transformation for the positive.



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Introduction to Production

Ok, Ok, so today as a student of life, business, and people I am on the set of a Hollywood Movie production. This, like any other business, has a goal, to produce a product (the movie), to promote and market, with the end result of generating revenue and profit. Entertainment, like any industry, has a lot more going on behind the scenes than is ever presented as the final product.

Task specialization

Many people specialize in specific tasks, such as security, food services, media recording, media editing, visual media pre production etc... etc... The list goes on and on. Marketing, promotions, and distribution Hollywood is essentially just like any other industry, just in the spotlight. Like any industry, there are many things blending together to create the whole.

There are people who are specialists knows what is going on all the time, they have knowledge about every specialty, and conduct an orchestra of action. The titles change in various industries, but much of the skill sets required performing at a very high level, in any of the specialties are people skills, or "Soft" skills.

Communication and coordination

The communication required to organized the kind of controlled chaos necessary to capture the emotional charge on a movie set is bordering on neurotic. I mean EVERYTHING has to be JUST RIGHT on to make the final cut. Working in many other industries, there is also a coordinated effort to product a quality end product.

As in most industries, although the actual terms used may differ in usage. The actors in the production include various behind the scenes workers, and in the spotlight individuals. The in between set time is very similar to settings in an office, on a production line, or in the field or factory. Scenes, wardrobe, makeup, as well as each and every detail of production requirements must be given adequate time and attention. The project (the movie), is essentially similar to a construction project, a web development project, or any other industry where there may be a project.

Introspection of industry

This has given me some great insight into the faster paced world of high-pressure production. Sure it is not some sort rocket launch, or city re organization project, but DANG, lets do this Hollywood thing, it is an industry relating to media, marketing, and "public speaking" which is one of my personal goals. I may even set another goal, to get some regular occurring income through working in the "industry". All the while, using various skill sets I currently have, and developing others which I may not be my strongest.

This also is a great opportunity to network, and get my sea legs sort of speak. Heck, even writing is putting yourself out there in to the public spotlight, so having an arena to expand while getting a few moments of inspiration creates a great dynamic for my own personal self growth. Besides, this background acting gig is a lot of hurry up and wait so I got some time between shoots to write out some of my thoughts, create some fresh content for all my readers, and give my personal lens to the goings on of a Hollywood Movie Production.

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Revenue from advertising

Generating income and revenue from your website can be as simple as posting ads on on your posts and pages.

Advertisers are always looking for ways to get exposure to their online and digital Business web sties. Heck companies like Google have created HUGE incomes and revenue streams from charging businesses for listing their websites at the top of relevant index searches.

It is a simple enough model. Advertisers pay web site owners to display the link and some information about their company. The more visitors you have, the more revenue one can generate. There are many different ways to implement this.

You can look at sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and others that generate almost all their revenue from advertisers. From Paid post boosts, and Pay Per Click campaigns, advertisers are looking for people to pay to host their banners, text ads, and promotional graphics.

Heck, I even have some advertisers on my side bar on this and other blogs I operate. One of the Ad companies that pays me to publish ads on my site.

People set up accounts with companies like AMAZON, and other associate or affiliate programs to advertise through the product manufacturer or distributer directly, and earn commission on digital and physical products delivered to the consumer directly.

Many company use strategies, similar to many social media sites, where users generate new and fresh content, so users can view and create content. This is a great way to serve ads on fresh new content, which users and search engines love.

I would love to go into great detail about all this, but this is introductory article. More detail and articles about this topic will be coming soon.

Thanks again for commenting on, liking, following, and sharing my blog.

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Introduction to digital business

So the journey begins, my personal mission to lay down

Everything I know about digital business. 

Now this seems like a daunting task, and by all means it surely is, but it is not in vain, for the process requires I refine 3 years of experience, 4 years of college, various projects, and at least 10 years of continuing study.

Combining concepts, planning and implementing strategies, researching trends and data, using updated techniques and technologies are part of the story, so I will do my best to keep things flowing.

Online business basics 

Doing business online, as a theory is simple enough to grasp, but implementing strategies and plans is a bit different and takes time and effort like any business. You must first know the basics of business, and the internet.

The digital business model can include e-commerce, but that in itself can become convoluted when we consider platforms like, Amazon, E-bay, Google, Facebook, and the plethora of other digital businesses we access these days.

Basically there are 2 basic models. Many models combine the two in hybrid type online business models.

  • Product sales models
    • These can be physical or digital products, and many ways the product gets to the consumer. I want to cover the basics now, and will elaborate in other articles.
  • Ad space models
    • Serving advertising is a popular business model that many websites use. Some website owners show advertisements from ad server companies, and there are various ways to generate a digital income with your online business which will be explained in future articles.

Websites and Web pages

Just as a formality & to get the basic online business information out, Websites and web pages need to be explained quickly.

Most people know what web pages and websites are are. There is a lot more to them than meets the eye though. Many elements, such as picture names, tags, titles, hyperlinks, alt text, and and hashtags you include can influence how people, and index searches can find your content. Using those parts of a web page effectively can increase exposure quite a bit.

Layout, loading time, search friendly titles, formatting, word choice and content flow are effective tools that any webmaster worth their salt should know enough about to use when designing a website and web page.

Marketing, Media, and the Masses

If you want your digital online business to make any money, you MUST consider marketing and media, for this is how you will reach the masses and multitudes of individuals out there in cyberspace. There is plenty to know and do if your marketing and social media efforts are to be effective.

There is somewhat of an art to the process, as well as efficiency tools and techniques that will surely increase the results you see from your online marketing efforts.

Advertising, analytics, split tests, and a bunch of other stuff is all important to know if you hope to have a successful online digital business. Just within the context of Graphics, Video, and Auto responders, the number of pages required to go into depth on digital marketing, online media, and getting website exposure is beyond this overview article. Feel free to follow my blog to get more detailed information.

Tasks, teams, technology and techniques

Ok, now that you know some basics, it is time to get down to the nuts and bolts, and start building your digital business... But wait, there are Graphics to make; content to write edit and format; emails to set up, products to build, emails to write, videos to make, marketing to do, and a lot more.

And then what exactly needs to be done, and who is going to do it?

I have to be honest, it is easy enough to do, after you have done it over and over again. It is definitely best to have a team of people with various skill sets and specialties to work with and increase productive activities that align with your digital business goals.

Exactly where you go from here is up to you.

If you are interested in learning more about digital business, please follow my blog, or better yet, contact me about working with me on a project. I have discovered that working in a team setting helps optimize technology to complete all the required digital business tasks efficiently.

Thanks again for Liking, commenting and sharing this article on all your social media profiles.

Have a great day.


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Manifesting websites

The manifestation of a website if started through a thought, and becomes manifest through word.

The words within a page, or a post, or a section of that domain is an expression of its intent. Clarifying the service or benefit is often the primary goal of using words and media. Within marketing there is a desire to tap into the emotional aspect of others, to reinforce the message being delivered.

This brings in many aspects of word choice, idea flow, and readability.  This goes beyond mere word choice, and graphic composition. Considerations of visual and mental focus create an opportunity for feelings to be expressed and interpreted. 

Tapping into the unseen bio-chemical and experiential state of the human condition is an essential aspect of social interaction and business. The technological and social aspects of media's influence on thought, focus, and attention presents an opportunity to express and to interpret a variety of perspectives. Add automation and Artificial Intelligence into the mix, and we are really experiencing a very interesting world.

So the journey begins, the Blog of Aaron Griggs. Information to change the world... At least my world, and hopefully some of you who are reading.

The topics I will cover will include, but are not limited to ... Universal transformation, Individual growth, Digital business, Online marketing, social media, self help, conspiracies, possible and existing technology, stories, and just about any other topic I find interesting.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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