See from the minds eye

The Minds Eye

There is a concept we all contemplate from time to time.

It is called Consciousness. This idea is discussed by many, and understood by few, if any, yet we all experience it, from our own perspective.

When we consider how we interpret the world around us, we notice the perspectives we have influences on our experiences, and even create the reality we percieve.

Realizing this truth, we can begin to have an influence on our perspective, and choose how we view, interpret, and create our reality. From the seat of your perspective is the only place  you can understand how the world around you relates to the world within your consciousness.

Knowing this gives the perceiver incredible power. To have the ability to shift perspective at will provides a way for your consciousness to influence your consciousness.  Use this power to gain perspective whenever possible.

Energy create realities


How can it be that the constructs of the mind become apparitions in physical reality?

This might seem like a huge jump from realizing you can adjust your perspectives, to understanding how manifesting physical form from thought energy, but follow me here for just a few minutes. On a molecular and quantum level, all is energy. Frequency vibrations to be more direct.

Atoms, and sub atomic building blocks are structures from organized energy, right. Think about it for a minute, and do some research if you do not understand what I am saying.

From what neuroscientist and students of consciousness and thought thinkers will say, is that thought and consciousness has to do with an organized energy of various physical and energetic connections, ok. Read some peer reviewed scientific articles, and you might understand this perspective.

What I am saying here, is that when consciousness is conscious of the consciousness it is experiencing, it can begin to influence that consciousness, and in essence, the particular particles within your immediate presence.

Think deeply and you will begin to understand, the actual vibrational energies your consciousness creates, is a resonance of your thoughts, and of and from the universe itself. Through this understanding, one can begin to experience the power of thought vibration.

Manifesting Gold from perspective


Ok, so I am not claiming that I can hold my hand out, and think of the frequency of gold, or water, or whatever I might be desiring to manifest at any particular moment, but in a way I am claiming that very thing is not only possible, but provable in both science and nature.

Ok maybe not actually creating something out of nothing, but definitely forming something tangible from what might otherwise appear intangible.

Let me explain. Consider a plant. It draws in water, minerals, gas, light, and all the elements it needs to create corn, or rice, or whatever that plant is, right. Ok, so in a way, it is taking bits and molecular pieces of raw materials, to organize this energy in a way that creates leaves, roots, flowers and fruits, right. Energy becomes matter in this way. Actually, energy is reorganized into other organizations that are more dense in a physical (particle) way, rather than an energetic(wave) way. Yet it is always organized energy, acting as matter.

As far as chemistry is concerned, even on an atomic level, energy is moved around to serve whatever purpose in necessary for whatever construct is going on. The sun fuses hydrogen into other elements. Fusion breaks down large atoms to smaller ones, both releasing energy from mater. Atoms share energy organizations to become molecules. But energy is is always an elemental part of matter.

Ok, now heres where things get a bit interesting. As a consciousness that is conscious, able to create energetic constructs we call an idea, and actually project that "Idea" into the physical world, through gathering of elemental parts of the construct of said idea, we can see this on a level similar to construction plans, or mechanical blueprints... Great.

So what about "manifesting gold from perspective", how does that work, anyway. Here is where we are taking Law of Attraction to a whole new level.

Taking Law of Attraction to a whole new Level


Ok, so I am not going to tell you that I can teach you to hold out your hand, and think about gold, and have gold manifest out of thin air, and drop into your hand, but that is EXACTLY what is happening since taking the law of attraction to a whole new level.

Would you like to have...

The power of conscious manifestation?

The ability to construct reality through thought energy?

The perspective that creates your reality, right before your eyes?

Great, get ready for the ride of your life....

Do you want the ability to...

Get EVERYTHING you want in your life?

Turn your thoughts and ideas into physical realities?

See the raw building materials of your wildest dreams come together?

Great, I think I can help...

Transcending the laws of consciousness through a realistic understanding of consciousness and perspective is a lot easier said than done.

To put it simply, consciousness creates, and can alter the laws of consciousness, through a conscious understanding of perspective.

Or sort to say, EVERYTHING is, but you can only understand what you can see in your minds eye. Once you learn how to see from your minds eye, and understand how your awareness of your consciousness can alter your perspectives, you can see ANYTHING, and create the laws of consciousness to facilitate your receiving what you are thinking.


How does it work for YOU?


That is an easy question for me to answer about me.

I have been training my mind to manifest my reality through conscious awareness of perspective since I was a child. By opening my perspective to learn about various perspectives, I have been able to percieve my reality as I choose, which creates the reality of my choosing.

How it works for you must align with your perspectives. The process of gaining this new ability to adjust your perspective can be a long and difficult path of self discovery. Some people can do this on their own, through trials and tribulations. Others might choose benifet from guidance.

Both ways will get you to the same place. With guidance, you can recognize, acknowledge, and adjust your perspective to overcome the necessary obstacles to achieve the levels of consciousness to make it work for you.

I am opening up my schedule to 10 people who want to be guided to a perspective that takes the law of attraction to a new level.

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Quantum Empowerment

What is QUANTUM empowerment?

Simply stated, as I understand it, Quantum empowerment is the process of influencing the world around you through your conscious thought and free will, if you will.

This question may be incredibly complex, with considerations for quantum entanglement, dark matter, space time, and subconscious perspectives, but the question is not what I want to write about here.

The answers is all too simple, and the words around this profound truth is merely to help you understand the context of the following statement.

Your thoughts influence, and in fact create the reality you percieve and understand, which is at the foundation of the process of creating.

Ok, so you have heard something like this for so many years, and once you start to understand the processes involved with quantum conscious and the mechanics of the thought energy, it becomes easier to practice and implement.

The fact of the mater is, once you begin the practice of empowering yourself and tuning into the quantum consciousness field, there is nothing that is beyond your reach. The process itself is quite simple, and easily learned and applied by just about anyone.

Today, as my minds eye sees from my own unique perspective, something was revealed to me, which is the simplicity of quantum empowerment.

If you would like to know more about quantum empowerment, all you have to do is contact us, and schedule a session.

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