Words for a day

What is a day?
24 hours? there are 7 of them in a week, right?

1440 minutes, and what can you get done in a minute?

Have you ever thought about what you can do in just one simple simple minute?

Or how many of one thing you can do in a minute?

Well I will find out now...

20 pushups took me 30 seconds, wow, I am winded... I should take a bit of time to do some pushups... Then writing about it took a few more seconds.

Now let me see how many words I can write in 1 minutes.
Sure I have to take some time in between writing to think about it,

And I might have to edit and delete some spaces and words that are not right,

but heck I am writing this right now, then when the timer goes off, I will see how many words I actually wrote in 1 minute.
What if I did this writing./// timer /// in about 1 minute, and edited and copied to get a word count, in another minute, and wrote about it.   and figured I can write 75 words per minute... WOW.

Ok at that rate, If I write for 10 minutes straight I would have about 750 words, and in 2 hours, I would have 7500 or so, with a break...

Kind of makes you think don't it...

One of the tricks I use for productivity is to set a 5 minute  minute timer, and stay focused on one task, such as writing a blog post.
It really suprises me how much I can get done in a short 5 minutes.

You should try it sometime...
What if I set aside 2 hours a day to type out a book... I would have something ready in a few months... OMG. that is my 5 minutes.

86400 second

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50 words to ponder, actually 86 words.

my name is Aaron . Testing to testing testing 1 2 3 . This is a test you see . I'm talking to my computer , his name is Patrick . Patrick might be considered a form of artificial intelligence . Taking my dictations and converting them 2 written word .

So I move forward talking to my computer . So that your computer might show you the words so that you could see these things that I say . It's so I really don't know what to talk about and so I end the conversation with the screen.

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What controls you?

This morning was not much different than any other morning.

I awoke to dawns first rays of sunshine. Acknowledging myself, I noticed the same aches and pains I experience nearly every morning.

As I slowly began to move my body, and stretch out the stiffness, I started thinking about what controls me. I had to accept this sensation, at this moment, but it got me thinking also about what I can control.

My thoughts, my emotional feelings, my physical feelings, the things I listen to and look at, and other things too, all have some influence on me. So I focused on the pain, and rolled out of bed to do some stretching.

The physical pain, at this moment, seems unlike mental or emotional stressors, which through mindset exercises I have trained myself to overcome. The control I might feel over my financial, social, or other external forces through practicing activities which improve the conditions I experience.

Thinking back to a time when I had less physical pain than I do in this moment, and I began to recognize, I have control over my mind, and body. I had been so focused on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my self, in that moment, I realized I may have neglected my physical self.

I have been able to turn mental, emotional, and spiritual "pain" into growth through conscious effort. I have had to deal with some major stuff in my life. Sure, raised by a single mom, trouble in school, and a laundry list of other things I have overcome to make me stronger on the inside. But when I lost my 8 year old son to cancer, I really had to step up my positive mindset game.  And yah, when I first injured my back at work, I had to turn my life around mentally in order to make it socially and economically.

As I was laying there, eyes closed, thinking about things, and stretching my body, it struck me. If I had done all this healing and growth in my mind and spirit, I should be able to take care of this pain in my body. In my thoughts I went back to the time I had very little, if any physical pain, and realized something. During the time I had little or no physical pain, I was physically active.

Since my spine injury, I had been taking it easy, doing physical stuff sure, but in a very limited way.  Basically being hyper aware of anything that caused discomfort or pain would be a signal for me to stop. So I ended up being quite sedentary over the past years. So I went inside my mind and body and realized, the muscles and bones I was stretching had basically gone to sleep.

Yes, just like your mind or spirit. If you do not use them, they will go to sleep. I need to wake my body up, I thought in my brain. I felt it in my spirit too. I had spent a lot of time to wake up my mind and spirit, now I need to spend some time working on my body.

Becoming aware that I had control over much of my body. I can choose what to feed myself with. I can choose to ensure I get enough sleep. I can choose to practice and exercise those parts of my body that are asleep. I can get up and move those parts that I have not been moving due to past injuries.

Sure it might be slow going at first, but as long as I use the same habit forming techniques I used to wake up my mind and soul, I am confident I will wake up my physical being.

So I get out of bed, get my day started, and actually spent about 15-20 minutes moving my body. Awakening muscles, joints, and bones that have been guarded for so long. Being aware of the positive energy flowing through my being, healing and growing those sore and pain filled regions.

Now I have control, at least a bit. Being aware of this pain, and not just accepting it, but embracing it. Now that I have embraced this part of my physical self, I become aware of how I can improve my situation. Just by taking the step today, and then when tomorrow becomes today, to take that step today.

I am in control of my mind, body, and soul.

To think I was afraid of moving, and sure there was valid reason, so I take it slow, moving a little, then a little more.... Building confidence by facing my fear with courage. Sure I am taking this concept a different way by sharing how my physical condition caused me fear, and now I know I must face that fear and awaken my temporal body.

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The Bullshit I have seen

Oh, the bull shit I have seen, in the places I have been, this stuff, the things, the actions of those,
who walk in the daylight to show off their clothes.

They hide their true self, showing what they think, that others might like
What will get them ahead,  but you know in the end we all end up dead.

Then what of our lives, the things we have seen,
The things that we do and the things whom we've been...

Then there is the Good Shit, Yah, there is that kind of shit too

And much of it depends on what YOU will do...
That in the world shit happens, that statement holds true.

Get plunged into the water, and it will show you.
If you sink or you swim, that part will show through.
You see it's not the shit that happens, it is the shit that you do.

Now consider your future, the shit you will see,
Then take a quick second and repeat after me.

Weather good shit or bad shit,
I know shit will be,
But how I see it, and my actions,
that's My choice, I'm Free.

Another spewing of words from Aaron....
Thanks for being super critical and criticizing What I have obviously wasted my time and yours by putting on to the vastness of the inter-webs...

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The moment is now

when is now. could it be never or always? because you only can acknowledge the past and consider the future, the now is fleeting,

the now comes and goes in an instant, yet is perpetually existing eternally.

The things we do can only happen now.

Planning strategy thought and action. NOW

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Words for sale.

Knowledge is Power, and understanding knowledge requires words.

Words for sale in your schools, in your songs, in your movies and news,

When you say them you write them you hear them or read them,

The words create an idea, a vision, a thought within your mind,

Knowing that is Powerful! Knowing and using words is powerful.

Would business transact, or wars be started?

Stories contain this thing we call knowledge.

I tell you again, words for sale. What do these words say?

They will say and do whatever you want them to do.

When the farmer plants the seed

is he not saying to the soil, the sky and the seed itself, "GROW".

When the carpenter cuts and nails wood, is he not saying, "BE This"

when you negotiate a contract, or purchase something, are you not saying "Lets do this".

But with words, the farmer can communicate to 15  workers to plant the seeds and tell them to grow.

The carpenter can share his knowledge through blueprints and words.

The business man would not function without contracts, and plans, and internal emails, all containing words.

Words for sale. What will you buy?

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Another 50 words? How many words make a dollar?

if a picture is worth 1000 words, then how much is 50 words worth...
Well if time is money, and the conversion calculations I have figured are correct, then 50 words are worth infinite value, but cost about as much as you are willing to pay for it.

Is that 50 words?

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Your programed with words.

A recent discussion generated a comment, which I will now edit and post on my blog.

An example of how your are programed with words

"æ is the trope of “all men are pigs”. Many women (and some men) say things like this, thinking they are describing their experience of men, like a complaint, but what if it’s more like a spell and they are creating men to become pigs (just because they had a few bad experiences)? how often do they “chant” this “mantra” of “men are pigs”, in their minds... how often do they recite this incantation out loud? How many others have they convinced to agree with them, whom also now chant this mantra? Enough that it’s a trope, at least. Now, how do we suppose that is affecting how men show up in our realities? What room does any man have to create themselves freely in the moment, with such a mass-consciousness spell being chanted over and over?

Like, if I asked a man to write on a chalk board who they are for the world, how would it go if every few seconds someone walked up and wrote “men are pigs” on that chalk board... and there was a line of people waiting to keep writing that on the chalk board... he would spend the majority of his time either erasing what they write, or writing around their “pig” comments... and the end result would be an exhausted man (who spent have his efforts successfully erasing all the pig comments and wrote who he is) or the board would have who he is entwined with all the pig comments.

This idea can be extrapolated to any recurring ideas or ways of speaking we have about: women, blonds, brunettes, life, death, bosses, myself, parents, friends, coworkers, etc... fill in the blank.
What if reality really is a “fill in the blank” simulation, and we’ve forgotten that it really is, by default, a blank slate at all times... and it’s WE who maintain the status quo? Our language based magic that we habitually use to “describe” our reality constantly cluttering up the blank slate that reality is. This is what has the past repeat itself (us constantly recreating all the thoughts and words that lead to the same results... we literally bring the past with us wherever we go, literal-metaphorical baggage), etc etc...
It’s an interesting challenge to explore... cuz we are born into a model of communication we inherited from our parents, who inherited it from their parents, etc... generations of using magic to describe a “world out there”... to the point that it’s like breathing to use our powers of creation to simply reinforce what already is so, and to rarely ever experience our own power to create from nothing. Like we “have the keys to the kingdom” and we use them to lock everything down... freedom at the expense of security. æ"

Thanks for the comment and discussion Vinh Ha https://www.facebook.com/WyrdOne

Thanks again for the comments, likes, and shares.


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