Changing the World for the Better

Beyond business and individual progress, there is a concept floating around in cyberspace that has the potential to make a HUGE difference. A bunch of people's intention is to change the world for the better!

This is not small goal, and the process is already underway. The way I see it, everyone can contribute a small part to this goal. The concept is simple enough, set out with the INTENTION to use your personal energy and efforts to change the things around you which can be changed.

Show a bit of courtesy to another person during a traffic jam, or say a kind word to someone in distress. Offer a co-worker a compliment, or just think positive thoughts.

You may not believe it, but positive thinking can have a huge impact on the state of the world at large. Groups of people practicing transcendental meditation in areas have actually changed the crime rates . 

Everyone can do their part, from positive thinking, to donating time, or pledging 50% or your digital business profits to charitable causes Like I have done, every little bit helps.

This is just the beginning of a new way of being, acting, and influencing our environment.  If you have any ideas about how to change the world, please connect with me on my Facebook page, or post a comment here on this web.

Thank you for sharing the positive energy you have decided to project into the world.