Podcasting, Presentations, and Voice over

From a professional power point with narration, or a marketing skit to promote a new concept, I am ready to serve you the content you require. There is part of me, that is more of a comedian or entertainer. I truly enjoy influencing peoples mood for the better. This has inspired me throughout my life to develop a deeper expression of feeling within my written and verbal communication.

For this reason, I am compelled to share my personal stories, and to be involved in public speaking, podcasting, recording presentations and webinars, as well as putting my hat in the ring as a voice over and voice acting professional.

I have spoke in company settings, while training employees and traveling from office to office to present information about new policy. In 2016 I was involved in writing and recording a course for digital download as well as promotional videos. In 2015 I was involved in doing online podcast interviews with a independent digital pirate radio podcast.

This page and section of my digital business portal is dedicated to this aspect of my skill set. The goal is continuing to develop my public speaking and communication skills, while providing a way to review my existing works. You can also contact me directly if you need a voice actor or presentation recorded.