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Active Business Coaching

$10,000.00 $4,797.00

90 Days of ACTION BUSINESS COACHING. Blending Ideas with Action to create results.

Product Description

After an initial consultation, we will set up a personalized plan for MASSIVE ACTION, Checkpoints (Self evaluations), and not just "Goals" but actual lists of activities which will bring you measurably closer to your goals, and eventually you will reach them in a timely manner. I will help you set up a PERSONALIZED way to track your progress each and every step of the way, until the ACTIONS become HABIT!!!!

By the time we complete the 90 day commitment to your PROJECT, you will have momentum to continue moving forward higher and higher

By the time we complete the 90 day commitment to your PROJECT, you will have momentum to continue moving forward higher and higher.

I know I wrote that last statement twice, so you understand that I make a Major commitment to YOU and YOUR PROJECT. My entire business skillset is at your disposal.

This is So much more than just a Business plan, or LIFE IMPROVEMENT Coaching. I will be an accountability partner, giving you personal motivation every day (M-F) to take just one more step, today, right now... It is an application of MINDSET PRINCIPALS in a REAL WORLD setting. And just think about it, you will get to work with ME for the next 90 days on whatever project you might want.

This is more than JUST CONCEPTS, and DISCUSSION!!!!! When you hire me as your Active Business Coach (ABC), you will get REAL WORLD application, to PRACTICE the ACTIONS required to complete your project. Since your IDEA will become MY BUSINESS in a sense, It is imperative that I not just HELP YOU SUCCEED, but I might even have to INSPIRE YOU TO FAIL, so we can get up and make progress.

Not just Some Genre focused seminar, about social media, or online business. I bring in elements from various schools of thought, to push you through to the completion of your project. Life and mindset stuff, Neuro Linguistic programming and hypnosis stuff, Social media ideas and application, Follow up series development. This is a lot of the same ideas everyone else is selling, but with the addition of ACTION PLANS, and specific task and timelines of a project. Mindset meets business activities. Coaching meets DOING.

Oh yah You get a affiliate membership website included if you want. A bunch of content development, lots of research, and a lot more, I could never describe all I have to offer in a simple product description. Including but not limited to> Article writing, social media activity (including brand development and marketing), Sure lead funnels, marketing psychology, Split testing, list building and ALL THAT STUFF.

There are some areas like Graphics, and some aspects of Visual design, which I will call in one or more of my associates to ensure TOP QUALITY in every aspect of your project. I may not be able to do it all, but I do a lot, and know some people that can do the rest.

I will record and livestream, develop presentations and documents, Lead magnets and viral content. Heck even if you just watch me and listen while I screen share my implementation, You get to keep that, and use it however you want, even offer the recording of the build for sale. It is yours to keep.


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