Form a Partnership with Aaron G Riggs, and we will work to launch an online business together.

Product Description

This is a VERY SPECIAL OFFER, where you can SECURE MY SERVICES for the LIFE OF YOUR PROJECT with a Much Lower upfront investment.  Here's The deal, with this offer, I will become a contributor and stakeholder in the project. We share the profits. Each project will have different details. I have worked on projects for as little as 5%, and as much as 50% ownership.

There are expenses with starting up a project, so the cost of setting  up a website is included, and so is the first year of hosting is on you. You are not Hiring me to do your work, I am still working as to bring consistent focused action to your project. Some projects require 10 people or more, others I can complete with my client. The first step is to schedule a consultation, and we can flesh out a long term plan from there. Once we start the project, I will continuously motivate action and progress by laying out the required tasks and timeline. If necessary I will recruit talent and develop a stakeholder profit sharing agreement.

Leading your team of contributors will be my primary focus on your project when we are partners.


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