Business Production Schedule


4 months of project management schedules and task lists, with one meeting a week. This is where the boots meet the ground, and the work begins on your customized task list.

Product Description

Business development schedule, customized to your needs. This is a task list, for YOUR PROJECT's Needs. From graphic creation, and color choice, to social media promotions, advertising, and follow up series writing. EVERY task you will need to complete to bring your idea to the INTERNET. Each step you need to take to complete the project at your schedule.

This offer includes website deployment with membership and affiliate systems fully integrated. We will schedule 16 - 30 minute consultation sessions, over the course of 4 months, to ensure you are following the plan and making progress. We will overcome many problems which are inevitable with any project. During this business development process, you will face many problems I have faced before, that is what I am here for, to help guide your business process to results, through efficient time management, reasonable productivity schedules, and regular checkpoints to measure your progress.

The intention is to make the business building process easier for you by keeping you focused on the right tasks. In business every minute counts, so just having a weekly schedule and tasklist has helped many people launch their digital business much faster than they may have expected.


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