Planning, Accountability, and ACTION: 90 days to results


Product Description

With a daily accountability and action planning session, YOU will TAKE CHARGE of your BUSINESS. You will always be the BOSS, I will operate as a PROJECT Manager. Regular meetings to define task lists, timeline, and budget are just the tip of the iceberg.  This daily accountability meeting is a brainstorming session, a strategy and planning mastermind.

Set your goals and track your progress using simple straight forward technologies and systems which I will help you customize to realize your goals, and make progress towards your dreams. I will schedule a 15 minute time slot to focus all my business expertise and technical knowledge on your project. We will do this every day (M-F) for 90 Work Days. No funny business here, although I will try to make it fun. This is ALL BUSINESS!!! and a lot of hard work, so the appointment time will be LASER FOCUSED on YOUR PROJECT, and what needs to be done to take your idea to the next level.

This can be an existing project, or to start building out your idea. Maybe you just want to pick my brain to get fresh new ideas, that's fine too. This is your time, and Your project, I am just here to help. I will follow mostly standardized project management processes, with my own personal little flair of personality (to keep things fun).


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