All the answers to the Universe, in less than 600 words

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just a story about something doing something.
There is no profanity, yet full of profundities, Life changing, world altering, powerful perspectives, like you have never seen before.

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The day it and Do met.
or The immovable object and the irresistible force meet again.
A short Sci Fi story By Aaron G As “Aaron’s Words”

The day began as another day, and nothing was apparently anything particularly different. The thing that was, is and will always be, the immovable object as they call it, was where it was, as it always be… For the story we will call that which is IT.


The irresistible force was on its way to where it was going, without a care in the world. Until the day they met. Not that that changed anything for you or me, and knowing what I know about the whole ordeal, I have to be honest when I say there may not be words to describe what I seen entirely, but I will do my best with my limited vocabulary and writing. For simplicities sake we will call that which does, the do. Do is irresistible in all it intends, it is pure force, without using force, do does.


The object was there, minding its own business, when something, which was nothing, moved around the place where the IT was. And this is where our story begins.

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... More than have, or be... do, go and flow... the story is yet to be told.

This short story will reveal all the secrets of the universe.

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