The power of Manifestation

So, I expressed my desire to advance along my "Public Speaking" path, and recently posted that I would get at least 1 gig, and it has become #manifest .
Everywhere I looked, the barriers seemed a difficult thing to overcome. The process for getting into public speaking, voice over work, and to actually get in front of people was all about paying for schools, training, agencies, etc...
Rather than doubt my power to overcome, the powers that be, God/Universe, or whatever you want to call it, opened a door of opportunity for me, and I took #action .
Within my first 5 days in the industry, I have experienced being a intern, and got paid to talk words (As a stand in), experienced Pre-Production as a Production assistant and now working as "EXTRA TALENT". Life moves fast when you accept what is.
It really was based on 5 points of #Manifestation which I have used for many years, and now I am just stepping up my game, and expressing bigger and bigger steps in my journey of self-improvement. 
Now that I have reached the destination of my short term reachable goal, I am also making progress towards my longer term #success vision.
I appreciate all the off-line and online friends who have given me moral support, and inspired me to plant more seeds and increase my harvest.
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Manifesting websites

The manifestation of a website if started through a thought, and becomes manifest through word.

The words within a page, or a post, or a section of that domain is an expression of its intent. Clarifying the service or benefit is often the primary goal of using words and media. Within marketing there is a desire to tap into the emotional aspect of others, to reinforce the message being delivered.

This brings in many aspects of word choice, idea flow, and readability.  This goes beyond mere word choice, and graphic composition. Considerations of visual and mental focus create an opportunity for feelings to be expressed and interpreted. 

Tapping into the unseen bio-chemical and experiential state of the human condition is an essential aspect of social interaction and business. The technological and social aspects of media's influence on thought, focus, and attention presents an opportunity to express and to interpret a variety of perspectives. Add automation and Artificial Intelligence into the mix, and we are really experiencing a very interesting world.

So the journey begins, the Blog of Aaron Griggs. Information to change the world... At least my world, and hopefully some of you who are reading.

The topics I will cover will include, but are not limited to ... Universal transformation, Individual growth, Digital business, Online marketing, social media, self help, conspiracies, possible and existing technology, stories, and just about any other topic I find interesting.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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